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Ready to immerse yourself in a unique blend of two beloved games? Look no further than Pokedoku! This exciting twist on the classic Sudoku game combines the challenge of number puzzles with the nostalgia of Pokémon. Get ready to test your skills, sharpen your mind, and catch ’em all in this fun and addictive online game. Let’s dive into the world of Pokedoku and discover how you can become a master puzzler!

What is Pokedoku

Pokedoku is a fun and challenging game that combines elements of Pokemon and Sudoku. It offers a unique twist on the classic Sudoku puzzle by incorporating cute and colorful Pokemon characters into the gameplay.

In Pokedoku, players are tasked with filling in a 9×9 grid with different Pokemon characters instead of numbers. The goal is to ensure that each row, column, and 3×3 subgrid contains all nine different Pokemon without repeating any.

This fusion of two popular games creates an exciting gaming experience that appeals to both Pokemon fans and puzzle enthusiasts alike. With its creative concept and engaging gameplay, Pokedoku provides a refreshing take on traditional Sudoku puzzles.

Whether you’re a seasoned Sudoku pro or new to the world of puzzle games, Pokedoku offers a delightful challenge that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So why not give it a try and see if you have what it takes to conquer this unique hybrid game?

How To Play Pokedoku

Pokedoku is a fun and challenging combination of two beloved games, Pokemon and Sudoku. To play Pokedoku, you need to fill in the 9×9 grid with Pokemon characters instead of numbers. Each row, column, and 3×3 subgrid must contain one of each character without repeating.

Start by selecting a grid size that suits your level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The goal is to place all the Pokemon characters correctly within the grid following the standard Sudoku rules while incorporating unique elements from the Pokemon world.

Pay attention to the clues provided at the beginning; they will guide you on where to start placing your favorite Pocket Monsters strategically. Remember that logic plays a key role in solving Pokedoku puzzles successfully.

Challenge yourself by timing your game or competing with friends to see who can complete it faster! Keep practicing to sharpen your skills and master this exciting fusion game.

Tips & Tricks To Win Pokedoku

Familiarize yourself with the rules of both Pokemon and Sudoku. Understanding how these games work independently will give you a solid foundation for mastering Pokedoku.

Next, take your time to strategize before making any moves. Look for patterns, potential combinations, and possible placements of Pokemon on the grid.

Don’t be afraid to start small by focusing on completing rows or columns with only one type of Pokemon first. This can help you clear out space and make room for more possibilities later on.

Utilize the “notes” feature if available in online versions of Pokedoku. Keeping track of possible options can prevent you from making costly mistakes down the line.

Practice makes perfect! The more you play Pokedoku, the better you’ll become at spotting patterns and solving puzzles efficiently. So keep at it and watch your skills improve over time!


Q:1 Can I play Pokedoku on my mobile device?

A: Yes, you can! Simply visit Canuckle on your mobile browser and start playing right away.

Q:2 Is there a time limit for each game of Pokedoku?

A: No, take your time strategizing and solving the puzzles at your own pace.

Q:3 Are there different levels of difficulty in Pokedoku?

A: Absolutely! You can choose between easy, medium, and hard levels to suit your skill level.

Q:4 Do I need to create an account to play Pokedoku?

A: Nope, you can jump straight into the game without any registration required.


Playing Pokedoku online on Canuckle is a fun and challenging way to test your puzzle-solving skills while enjoying the world of Pokémon. 

Whether you are a fan of Sudoku or Pokémon, this unique combination game offers a fresh and exciting experience for players of all ages. So why wait? Head over to Canuckle now and start playing Pokedoku to see if you have what it takes to become a master puzzle solver in the Pokémon universe!